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With our supply chain experience, technological know-how and flexible solution, CargoSnap fits in almost any Proof of Condition process. No matter how specific your logistics processes are, we have the features you need.

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Supply Chain Timeline

Manage all your visual evidence, documents and inspections within one platform. Timestamps, GPS coordinates and other important data are uploaded into your platform.

Digitize Your Processes

With our workflow builder, you can design your own processes and push them to devices. Create your own inspection forms which can be filled in digitally.

Manage and Authorize

With our flexible user authorization, you decide who can view or interact with the system. View across locations, configure and provide the features your teams need.

Chain Visibility

With our report generator and sharing feature you can interact within seconds. Share your shipments with partners and create visibility across the supply chain.

One app fits all!

Everyone can use their own devices to scan, snap and inspect cargo & equipment. Within seconds you can configure your own simple and intuitive app for your specific needs.


Need to integrate with your system? Store data on your own servers? No problem! We can integrate with every system. Contact us for more information.

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We trust CargoSnap will meet all your logistics ‘Proof of Condition’ requirements. We enjoy seeing you use and adapt it to your specific needs. Start your free trial today, no strings attached and no credit card needed.

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