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Build your Workflow Workflow is one of our great features that improve efficiency, limit human errors and fit in your process. The Workflow feature is one of our most wanted/used features. The flexible configuration enables you to build your own workflow. Go to Global settings in the left menu bar and choose the tab Workflows. Step 1: In this field, workflows are created by you. Fill in the title of your workflow and start describing your process. Every step of a process can be described in the description bar. Then choose your type of data, either a document or a snap. Click on the ‘allow skipping’ box when the step is not mandatory.Step 2: Click on the button ‘add step’ for the description of your next phase in the process. When you’re ready with the form, click on ‘create form’ and your form is ready for use. Be aware that the workflow is only visible on your devices, when your workflow widget is enabled in the device-widget settings. Use the workflows Make the workflow widget visible on the devices at your location settings or device settings. Go to the CargoSnap app and restart or reload the settings. All the workflows you’ve just entered are now visible in your app. Step 1: Choose your reference widget and fill in the reference. Step 2: Start the workflow. When you want to skip certain step, press skip. Make your snap and go to the next step by pressing the save button. You can always exit the workflow by clicking the exit button. Be aware, when leaving the workflow without saving, you will loose the data entered. Click on the green button when you’re done with the workflow. Workflow view Every Snap or document is provided in the timeline as always. When using the workflow widget, the grey bar will provide the phase given with the data entered. The phases of the workflow can be provided when using our report functionality upon request.Typical use: Build your own workflow Deploy the workflow on your device Monitor the snaps and documents Generate your report of the data
In this webinar, we demo the use of Forms. Build your own form with the drag-and-drop form builder and push the form to your devices. Gather data from your operations without any hassle. Save time, limit errors, and digitize your inspections, checklists or any other form you want to use. Replay our webinar:
The realtime uploads and ‘automatic’ documenting, shortens your time to report. Select, adjust and send the report within seconds. There are 2 methods of reporting. Or report one file or select multiple files. Go to files and select the ones you want to report. When you are in the file click on ‘create report’ to generate your report. Reporting can be done with different layouts. CargoSnap has a premium feature, adding a custom made report with your branding and design. The report is created and shown in the report list. It can take a few seconds generating the report, because CargoSnap is compressing the photos and data. This enables you to send the visual report via email. Open the Word file and add information if necessary.
How to configure your widgets Every process is unique, so CargoSnap developed a versatile modular app. A fit for every process and every need. When logged on to the platform, go to ‘devices’, click on your device and select the ‘widgets’ tab. Make the app user happy with the widgets they need; simply click on the left blocks to turn them on and off. When the correct widgets are shown click on update and restart the app. Your widgets are now set.
Within 5 minutes you are up and running. Follow the steps given below for the registration process. Step 1 Register on our platform Click here Be aware: free-private mail addresses are not supported. Please use your company domain. Step 2 Go to your inbox and verify your mail-address. Now you can log in with your own password and email address. Click here for the platform login. You may find it convenient to use the “Remember Me” option when you log on with your own computer. In case you do not have access to your password, use the “I forgot my password” option to recover the password. A link to re-set your password will be e-mailed to you. By the way… we do not have access to your password. CargoSnap will never ask for your password by email. Step 3 Take your Apple or Android device and open the Android Google Play Store or the Apple iOS Store, download and install CargoSnap. Step 4 Creating a new device is your next step. Go to devices in the left menu bar and click on new device. For a new device you are required to provide a “nick”; a friendly name which you can use to recognise the device, like Joe, Jane or Mercedes. Just supply a unique name. Click “create” and you will see a QR-code on your screen. Start the app, tap on register and scan the QR code. Now you are up and running. Happy Snapping!
File sharing is a web-based functionality, everywhere in the world, on every device available. Go to the file you want to share. Sharing a file can be a real added value, providing your customers or partners with the insight they need. You can choose what data you share and what period you provide them with access. Do you need to discuss or take action on a shipment or inspection? Share the file and within seconds the other party receives email with a link to access only the shared file. Fill in the email addresses of the receivers, select the language and add a comment when necessary. When you want to provide access for a certain time-period, click on the 'expires' checkbox and date. Every snap, form or document can be excluded from the share. The receiver can only see the selected files and snaps in high resolution.
Take your first snap Step 1: Select your reference. Your top widget is always used as a reference; this can either be a container number, barcode or several other options. Click on the widget; this starts your camera for scanning or shows a keyboard for typing your reference. Step 2: Click on the Photo widget and take a snap of your cargo, materials, construction, equipment or… Step 3: Fill in a comment when necessary and/or click on the selector and select, for example a damage, or use your own select-list. We can change the select options for you. Now push SAVE and your done. The reference stays in place in case you need to make more photo’s. You can just keep on going and snap as much as you need. Or using one of the other widgets, such as scanning a document or filling in a form.
Use the Platform The platform enables you to review, report, share or enrich your files and snaps with additional data. Snaps are uploaded in real time into the platform. In the left menu bar you can choose your file, snap, report, form or shared file. The colored boxes show several statistics. When you click on ‘today’s most recent snaps’, it shows you a map of where snaps are taken. Furthermore, the dashboard shows a timeline of snaps, files and other entry-data. View Files A file is always your reference. Snaps, documents, data-entry forms and videos belong to a certain reference - your file. When clicking on file in the menu bar you will see the following view. It shows a new timeline with all your files and basic data of what is in the file. Click on the file name/scan code to enter your file and all data gathered with this reference. Here you can change, adjust or close files. Download the photos as a zip, create shares and reports, add tags and attachments to your files. View Snaps On our platform, the snaps you take are always available in the highest resolution. When clicking on snaps in the left menu bar, a timeline with your snaps is shown. When you click on the snap / picture itself you can drill down on snap level. In this view you adjust or edit comments, damages or delete the snap. You can also download the single picture with the download button. Zooming in on the snap is done by clicking on it and using the navigation shown.
Thank you for joining us on our Third Webinar. Packed with both new and existing features that can make logistics Proof of Condition creation so much easier!!! This video takes 23 minutes, but will potentially save you days! In this webinar we will show: Advanced workflow features how App users can work in multiple workflows at the same time and how workflows can be resumed. We will also demonstrate how to include a form into a workflow, Location settings such as Device defaults and damage type settings, QR code to Tag and other options How to use location filters to separate operations between locations or teams Replay our webinar:
Thank you for joining us on our first Webinar: Widgets and Workflows ! In this webinar, we demo the use of Widgets and Workflows to streamline the Proof of Conditions collection process. Every logistics operator will have their own flow and we facilitate that. Using an example for a container loading process, you can learn how to build your own process and deploy that to your devices. Replay our webinar: